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Meggan Mallone Nude Dance

Check out the hillarious clip of Meggan Mallone dancing courtesy of Vivid and Drunken Stepfather. Vivid Girl Meggan Mallone stars in the first of a series of video exclusives available on from Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film studio. Very awesome.

You can see more of Meggan Mallone uncensored by clicking on the link.


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Meggan Mallone Question Bag

So I’ve received several questions about one of our favorite up and coming pornstars and decided to answer one for the fans…. the question: What are all the names Meggan Mallone has used?

As most of you probably know by now Meggan Mallone has only been signed with Vivid for not even a year and yet she’s already got quite a bit of confusion about her name. Meggan Mallone began her career under the name Meggan. Jason Self (aka Jay-Rock) is said to have found her on MySpace, and signed her to a contract to produce a website, that was given the name Meggan Powers. However, Meggan did not feel comfortable working with this photographer and tried to do everything in her power to get herself out of that contract. While under this contract she took over 3,000 photographs and did somewhere between 5 and 10 movie clips under the name of Meggan Powers.

Prior to the name Meggan Powers, she did a cover for Met-Art and they listed her as Meggan A. An insider said that Meggan Mallone knew she wanted in the industry to make money but she also wanted away from the man who claims to have discovered her. Rumors are she called him “creepy and controlling”.

This photographer went ahead and created what he calls the official Meggan Powers website with all the photos he took of her last year despite the fact that Meggan Mallone has no desire to have anything to do with the website, yet he still promotes it as if she did.

Meggan Mallone was brought to Las Vegas in January of 2008 by this photographer for the annual adult industry trade show and that is where she was introduced to the people from Vivid and it was then they offered her the deal. This basically happened through meeting with Stephen J. Hicks a world renowned photographer who has shot layouts for all the major magazines including Penthouse and Hustler. It was through him that Meggan Mallone was introduced to the heads of Vivid who agreed to sign her. She also did some shoots with Earl Miller another well renown photographer.

Anyway, Vivid initially introduced her via a press release as Meggan Malone (one L in the last name) but through a mistake, they forgot to secure the domain name ( The domain was offered to them for free but they declined the offer and instead simply changed her name to Meggan Mallone (two L’s in her last name) and that is how she is known for the time being.

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Tera Patrick dancing at a club near you

Tera Patrick is set to visit 5 clubs next week in 3 Southern California cities. She will be entertaining fans and guests alike with her feature dance show.

“I’ve got so many projects going, mainstream and adult, that I just haven’t danced as much as I would like this year,” said Tera. “So I’m blowing it out with a five-night club tour to close out the year.”

Tera is gracious enough to be willing to meet and greet her fans. Not only that, but she is willing to pose for photos and sign autographs at each show. Catch the AVN Award-winning superstar in action at the following locations:

Monday, Dec. 15 – Hustler Westminster
Tuesday, Dec. 16 – Déjà Vu San Diego
Wednesday, Dec. 17 – Hustler Redlands
Thursday, Dec. 18 – Hustler San Diego
Friday, Dec. 19 – Dreamgirls San Diego

Porn Pictures

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UCLA and USCB Undie Run

Thank goodness for YouTube and all other video sharing sites… now from the comfort of your home, you can finally be a part of the Undie Run. Check out these cute college students running around in their underwear, blowing off stress…too bad it’s way too cold for this type of run at NYU! 😦

Let’s compare that with USCB

In the end they both look like a lot of fun!

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Sasha Grey on Playboy

AVN Female Performer of the Year Sasha Grey will join host Christy Canyon on Playboy Radio’s “Night Calls” this Friday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m.

Grey will discuss will her career and the upcoming 2009 AVN Adult Movie Awards taking place at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas on Saturday, Jan. 10.

According to Sasha when asked if sex is different without a director giving orders? “Not really,” the candid hottie responds. “I get turned on by things I do at work, especially dirty talk. When a guy or a girl can fuck with me—you know, get in my mind while fucking me—that gets me off in a big way. I’m also into the same kind of extreme sex I do onscreen. I really dig anal, watersports and the use of strap-ons. I also love to be humiliated and play the role of a slave sometimes.” Is anything off limits? “Nope, nothing is taboo!” the bawdy babe coos. “I’ve even puked on guys after sucking their cocks!” So what’s left for an uninhibited young lady who’s seemingly done it all? “Like I said, I love pushing things to the extreme limits,” Sasha concludes. “I will keep trying to find new and exciting ways to get off. I think porn in general has gotten boring, and it’s my job as a porn star to keep it hot.”

Playboy Radio is available on Sirius channel 198 and XM channel 99. The show’s toll-free call-in number is (877) 205-9796.

Awards that Sasha Grey has won:

* 2007 AVN Award for Best Three-Way Sex Scene – Fuck Slaves (with Sandra Romain and Manuel Ferrara)
* 2007 AVN Award for Best Group Sex Scene (Video) – Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge
* 2007 XRCO Award for Best New Starlet
* 2007 Adultcon Top 20 Adult Actresses
* 2008 AVN Award – Best Oral Sex Scene, Video – Babysitters
* 2008 AVN Award – Female Performer of the Year
* 2008 XRCO Award for Female Performer of the Year
* 2009 AVN Best Actress nomination, for The Last Rose

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Meggan Mallone Interview at “Venus”

Meggan Mallone interview at this year ’s Venus Erotic Trade Fair 2008, Berlin, Germany.

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Meggan Mallone Interview with AVN

Still a relative newbie, Mallone has already been involved in two major films for Vivid. “I’ve only been doing this for about four months,” she says. “I’ve shot two movies for Vivid already, I don’t think they’re out yet though. The first one I shot is called Strictly Conversation. The second one I shot is called 20 Questions. Both were directed by Paul Thomas. He’s so much fun to work with.”

“I had done some Internet content for a few smaller sites here in L.A. before I got into the whole big industry thing,” she says. “Then I went to the [AEE] convention and to the Vivid booth where I kind of learned about the company. Before that, I just sort of kept things small…the sort of things girls do when they start out. Stuff like solos and things like that.”

Mallone, who has just moved to Los Angeles from Texas, says she’s enjoying the Southland, but admits is something she’s not accustomed to. “I’m originally from Houston, Texas,” she says. “I’ve only been here in Los Angeles for about a month now. It’s a culture shock. It’s beautiful out here. I’m right by the marina. It’s great. I’m right by the water.”

One of the things Mallone says she loves best about her new home is the food. “I love all the restaurants here,” she says. “I like Pink Berry and all the places they don’t have at home.” She also sheepishly admits a newfound love for that most feminine of habits, shopping. “I recently found out that I have a huge shopping problem,” she jokes.

As far as her career goes, Mallone says it couldn’t be better. “It’s going great,” she says. “I’ll be shooting another movie later this week. The company’s still deciding on the title, but I’ve read the script and it’s really good.”

Mallone also hints that Vivid has something special in the works. “It’s sort of like a comedy tour.” she says. “We’re getting that all ready. It’s going to be awesome. I don’t think I’ll be telling jokes, but we’ll have a comedian interacting with the girls. It’ll also be on YouTube and the radio, I think. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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Meggan Powers aka Meggan Mallone

Before Meggan Mallone signed with Vivid and becoming an infamous Vivid girl, she was practically unknown, though she did do some work in the months prior. Meggan Malone was discovered in early September of 2007 by a industry photographer by the name of Jason Self (aka Jay-Rock) who had been scouting for “fresh meat” on MySpace. He brought her in for some test shoots and was even able to secure her three covers for Met-Art, a magazine about photography. Her first cover listed her as Meggan A. Later there was some discussion about changing her name to Meggan Powers when this photographer brought Meggan to L.A. It was during her first trip to L.A. that she got to do photo work for famed photographer Stephen J. Hicks and Earl Miller.

According to a comment that lead me to GFY, Meggan had done some B/G scenes before she signed with Vivid. I did get my hands on those scenes and will post links shortly. In the meantime enjoy the photos below. Any thoughts as to whether Meggan Mallone looks better with the breast implants?

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IMLive – Receive $100 Per Sign Up

Webcam video site is celebrating the fact that it has just received its 15 millionth joined member over the past weekend.

This webcam site features close to 30,000 amateur hosts, as well as celebrities aka porn stars who interact on their webcams from all over the world.

One might think it is surprising to see this kind of popularity in this economic crisis, however it appears that people are spending more time looking for instant comfort and companionship online.

“PussyCash has been paying our webmasters at least $100 for every single ImLive sign-up they’ve sent for the past 11 months,” director of business development, Yuval Kijel said. “The fact that we’ve successfully increased our membership to an astounding 15 million proves that our aggressive bid to earn our webmasters more for their traffic is working.”

For more information, visit

Check out this webcam clips:
A Bit Of Everything
Webcam Santa

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Faye Reagan – The Reason Freckles Are Hot

I think on the right female, freckles can be very, very sexy… unfortunately, it seems that it is also very, very uncommon in the porn industry. Thank goodness for Faye Reagan, one of the sexiest freckled porn stars around. Apparently, American Apparel has gotten their sights set on the very cute Faye Reagan aka Faye Valentine, one of the hottest freckled redheads. They did a set of her in a bikini under the name of Jillian. You can see those photos on the American Apparel website. Just search for Jillian.

Enjoy some more photos of Faye down below.

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